Ynysawdre Community Council manage three allotment sites:

Queen Street x 5 plots

Bryn Road x 18 plots

Onslow Terrace x 5 plots


We have no available plots at the moment (May 2018).  One person on the reserve list for a plot on Queen Street.

The annual fee is currently £5, payable on 1 May each year.  It is likely that there may be an increase in 2018.

The community council realise that the allotmenteers have not been supported for a number of years and that there are issues relating to maintenance of hedges/gates/posts/fencing.  £1,000 is in the budget for 2018/19 and work would be carried out during this current year to replace  a gate and a new gate posts, including part fencing on the Bryn Road allotments from Plot 1 to approximately 7 or 8.


If you are interested in an allotment in the future and wish to put your name on the reserve list,  please contact

Mrs Anne Wilkes, Voluntary/Acting Clerk of the Council.  Tel:  0790 460 4049 or E: